In Argentina

Updated 2016

We have now not only properties in Argentina but also in Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay

A plane company in Uruguay, built ina free zone that makes small airpalnes for fumigation or extinguishing fires, with Cessna aproval.3 ranches in Uruguay, 2 of them with 600meters of beach, one with 2 miles of beach front, all near COlonia or Montevideo, great for building hotels in this very nice city where all hotels are small.

We are also seeling companies, gold, silver copper and lithium mines, natural water plants, factories, etc.

Once the crisis is gone in Argentina all of these business will start making a loot of money,some of them are payable in only one year. Argentina government is very happy to receive investments.

We also have now:

Two huge hotels for sale.

Two large aprtments for offices in the center of the city

Many more business, please sned and email and we will send you all the properties, companies, mines, hotels, etc, that we have for sale.


24,000hectares in La Rioja

Great ranch for cattle, has person living inside, all fenced.
Great water, has a hole for 7,000 liters per hour, some improvements, one house for caretaker



212 acres in San Antonio de Areco.

80% for agriculture, has house in bad condition for caretaker, and all fenced.
In this  area, most ranches are at least US$30,000 per hectare ( 1 hectare=2.47 acres) so it is double than this one.
The area is very expensive because there are many Horse ranches in the area, two, in front of this one. Also San Antonio de Areco is the best town for tourism, a small town of 30,000 inhabitants, with many places where they make silver stuff of any kind, two museums, and it is the traditional town for the "gauchos"(Argentina cowboys), with at least 35 restaurants, and 40 hotels inside town and 40 more hotels in nearby ranches.
This ranch ison pavement, and it is only 2 or 3 miles from entrances of San Antonio de Areco.
Price: US$1,300,000.
15 more acres can also be sold with house in better condition and with large trees.



45,500 acres

with 40,000acres with agriculture, soya or corn + wheat.
located in proviince of Salta in the best agricultural area
Great value per acre,

Total US$95mill.



4,500 acres

with river, trouts, private natural sand beach in the ranch, cascades, streams.
Ranch for only 300 to 400 heads of cattle, but very pretty area. A ranch like this in Patagonia is worth 6 to 10 times more. Located in Cordoba. Belongs to a relative of mine

Total US$1.4MM.



24,000 acres

Located in Buenos Aires province, near Bahia Blanca that has paved airport. Ranch for 4000 to 5000 heads of cattle. Half of ranch is sowed with pastures.
Has 2 nice houses for owners, houses for employees, boxes for quarter mile horses, all the improvements.
There is also a lagoon nearby, great for fishing.
This one of the 4 largest ranches in Buenos Aires for sale and it ios lowed priced.
US$10million. Belongs to a relative of mine.

Total US$12MM

Not for sale at the moment



We have wineries from US$500,000 to US$220million, wineries that make up to 110 million liters of wine.



Food companies

We have many food comapnies in the best country where everything grows.
We cannot put the prices because some are very high.




We have mines from US$10 or 20mill to mines of US$600mill, with certificates from canadian large company that can produce only in gold up to US$35,000mill



Marble Mine

We have a mine of marble that can produce during the next 200 to 400 years huge amount of marble. Price is around US$160mill.


  17,000 acres Cattle ranch

Has 4,000 acres flat good for pastures or cattle, with a stream in the middle.
Has excellent natural wood, limestone and black marble!.
Also has a limit in Juramento river also a large river in Salta.
Has several streams inside the ranch.
Has 10,000acres with excellent quality hard wood that can be extracted.
Rain-. 800mm per year
It is a good ranch, price is very good at

US$ 1,800,000. - SOLD



13,700 acres at only US$ 1,1million final price. Salta

This ranch has excellent wood and a certificate for forestal explotation Has main house.
Has a branch of the main river Bermejo.
Area: Los Blancos, northeast Salta.
Also ranch has no improvements, no fencing, etc.
This is a good ranch to get fast income from.
Price is very good at:

US$1,100,000. - SOLD


120,000 acres, agricultural ranch in Salta

with 15,000 acres for agricuture already.
Can be deforestated in 60,000 acres in total, maybe a bit more.
GREAT ranch for agriculture, soya, corn, wheat,in a great area, with good rain.
The rest of the ranch can be used for 20,000 cattle or more.
Price is very much negotiable, asking price is US$100MM.


17,290 acres, Salta. (code WM2)

Located in General Ballivián, near Embarcación city, best of route 34.
Excellent rain, from 1200mm to1400mm per year.
Has deforestation permit and excellent wood.
Natural pastures are abundant.
Price is very good at:

US$14.000.000 - SOLD



18,000acres , Piyuil, Salta. (code: DV1)

Located only 60km from Salta city, and only 25km from international airport of Salta.
Very good access to ranch.
No improvements in ranch.
It is a ranch, like pictures show, made of small mountains and very nice streams.
It also has a river inside the ranch, where trouts can be fished.
Has very nice flora and fauna, like guanacos, deer, rabbits, foxes, condores(huge birds), and pumas (small lions)
There is natural grass and trees all over the ranch.
Has 4 small kind of houses where cattle cowboys take care of cattle insode the ranch.
Very nice beauty all over the ranch.
Very nice mild climate all over the year.   
Energy can be taken because only half mile form ranch there is a cable that could be taken inside. This is cheap.
Has no main house, but can be built in many nice places with excellent views.
1,000mm of rain. Per year, specially in the summer.(October to March)
Opportunity price:







450,000 acres, La Rioja (code: SS2)

Located in La Rioja province
This is a very large ranch located between the Famatina mountain in the east and the Toro Negro (Black Bull) mountain in the west. The Famatina mountain is the tallest in the area so it has snow all year round.
It is almost impossible to see the ranch unless hiring an airplane or a helicopter.
It is a very unique place full of valleys, streams and even the ¨Valle Hermoso¨ (Beautiful valley) river. There is natural grass all around great for cattle, sheep, guanacos, llamas, vicuñas and many others.
There are also nice places to cultivate vid in order to make a very special wine.
Near the ranch a road is being built to connect the province with Chile, the neighbor country.
It is a great ranch to invest in the raising of vicuñas, guanacos, llamas, which are of great value in the international market.
It is also a great ranch to raise cattle and make a leather factory, with a short distance for trucks to the ports in the Pacific Ocean in Chile.
It is also a great place to build a hotel at the bottom of the nice Famatina mountain.
Mining: Ranch has great mining future with gold, lead, silver, platinum, copper, crome, lithium, and many others.
Ranch price is excellent, a very low price per acre in the whole country. Will sell soon






50,000acres in Salta province


Ranch ready for 15,000cattle.


Price: US$ 21,000,000 - SOLD



150,000acres in Salta

Ranch that could be used for cattle mainly, and some agriculture, can be sold in three parts, same price.
Price to be confirmed
Needs some deforestation. But I dont know if this ranch has deforestation permit.
Nearby ranches cultivate soja with irrigation.



  3,200,000 ACRE RANCH

The second largest ranch of the country. More than 3 million acres of a nice mountain ranch.

Located in the southwest of Salta near Catamarca province. Has gold mines, silver mines and many more metal mines

Has also 800 indian families living inside mainly of the sheep they raise inside the ranch. Ranch has no roads to get inside yet. You can only get inside by horse.

A great possibility of income form mines.

Property has housing, landing places for helicopters and a plane runway that can be rebuilt.

Price: US$ 39,000,000


Great ranch located less than one hour from Buenos Aires in Lobos and great for agriculture.

Has plantations of soyabean, corn and wheat. Has one of the best looking mansions of Argentina. Most of the drive through highway.

Price: US$ 22,000,000

We have another castle ranch, at US$2,2MM, of around 500acres, great to build hotel, very near Buenos Aires





Spectacular ranch in the beautiful Calchaqui valley. Nice river inside. Only 20km from a paved airport in Cachi. Very beautiful ranch in the valley. It has almost 52,000acres ( 21.000hectares) from which, 1,700acres have already irrigation. I have been in this ranch in march 2007, and ranch is fully operative. Very low taxes int his area.

Calchaqui river brings water to the ranch and the river is by the ranch. Aromatic species under cultivation. Very good grass for cattle.

Has old house, installations, corrals, houses for employees and excellent views. It also has electric energy.

Ranch is in route 40, only 190kms from Salta airport and only 20kms from Cachi paved airway.

Price: US$ 3,750,000.00


  2,500acres for vineyards

Located in North Argentina, province of Salta

The best vineyards of Salta are in this zone.

This ranch is located 1km west of San Carlos , near Cafayate tourist town.

Excellent access roads.


We have more ranches for vineyards in Cafayate. Ranches of 250 acres at US$300,000

Great for organic vineyards. Electric energy. Excellent roads.





1,200,000 acre ranch , the largest ranch for sale in the country. (code SS1)

Please ask for complete description. Price to be confirmed.

Ranch is located in the province of Catamarca, between the cities of Tinogasta and Fiamabala. Both cities have gas stations, police, hospital, etc.
Ranch has two main valleys and many smaller valleys with beautiful streams bringing crystal water from the snow of the Andes mountains. In the middle of the largest valley there is a provincial road and the “Abaucan” river.
The acces to the ranch is from paved national route #60, in the west.
Ranch is easy to find in google maps, because the limits are in the north, the city of Fiambala, and in the south the city of Tinogasta. There are schools, police stations, gas stations and small nice hotels in both cities and all main services like hospitals, etc.
There is also a national route #45 in the northeast of the country that connects with other important cities nearby.
The mean temperature is 15 degrees Centigrades in the valleys, and lower in the mountain tops. The air is completely pure in all the ranch, There are no snowstorms, no sandstorms, no earthquakes, nor hurricanes.  Avery nice area.
There is excellent quality water all around the streams and rivers of the ranch. There is also underground water found at only 12meters depth, that can be taken out by windmills or pumps to irrigate the ranch more, if desired.
There is a route that takes you to the Pacific Ocean in Chile very easily.
Profits that could be taken:
This is a great ranch for an investor.
Cattle and Agriculture: huge amount of cattle or sheep can be managed. Alfalfa can also be sowed in many areas.
In the higher sections of the ranch, larger animals can be raised like llamas, alpacas, or vicuñas, the highest quality wool available in all the world.
Ostrich can also be raised, if fenced in large areas, also a very valuable animal in the international market.
Also, trees like poplars, elm trees, chestnut tree, oaks, ashs, and willows can be forestated in many sections of the ranch.
Because this is a virgin ranch, other crops can be sown like Vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, India berries, Pope, sweet potato, etc.
Mining activities: It is know that in this area there is an existence of gold, silver, receive, lithium, onyx, barites, and aragonite.
Also, in the valleys, many fruit trees can be sowed like, apple trees, pear trees, and more.  There are 25,000acres that can be used for agriculture and 14,000acres that can be used for cattle.
Hunting:  Many very special animals can be  found like the condor, the largest bird in the world, American ostrich, mount dove or torcasa; Vixens of diverse classes; wild cats; cat ounce; Andean cat (felis jacobita); auquénidos like the guanaco, the vicuna, the flame and the alpaca; Deer; Andean red deer or taruca very appreciated by their meat; Chinchilla vizcachas, etc.
Tourism: many activities could be done in this area, from hotels, golf courses, etc. Two large national parks are very near the ranch, and there are few nice hotels around. So it would be a great idea to make a large hotel in the area, inside the ranch, with many nice activities to be done.
This ranch is an excellent possibility for a good investor that could take great profit from this investment in the near future.
Title in great shape, and ready to be transferred.

Price: US$ 38,000,000.  (US$10 per acre!)



Many more ranches for sale. (Cannot post all ranches on the website. )
Please ask for any region and we will send you description and pictures.



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